UniPharma takes a big step towards sustainability

With the new e3neo machines, UniPharma has decreased significantly the amount of plastic used as filling material. But not only…

Tholen – The expansion of UniPharma in Middelburg has been completed. The wholesaler, retailer and distributor of health and care products chose to expand the existing distribution center. Owner Jacco van Liere: “We immediately tackled the bottleneck in the logistics process: packaging. Two things were paramount: we wanted to work more efficiently and integrate a new packaging line into our process.” For this, UniPharma has purchased two special machines that cut the box to the height of the highest product that is packed. As a result, filling material is no longer required and fewer truck movements are required.

Jacco indicates that the two E3NEO machines speed up the checking and packaging process considerably: “They cut the box to the height of the highest product that is packed. Then the lid is folded in, making it stronger and the products packed more tightly. The boxes can be folded in up to a height of 3.5 centimeters and are very sturdy. If you want, you could even stand on the box. »

According to Jacco, the big advantage is that no filling material is needed anymore. “This saves considerably in the use of plastic. We also send less air and save cubic meters in the trucks. This immediately results in fewer truck movements, which saves a lot of CO2 emissions. One machine is meant for the larger boxes and the other packaged orders of a smaller size, the latter being the only one of its kind worldwide. »

The machines not only increase efficiency, he says: “The mechanical processing of packaging movements is also good for the ergonomics of our employees. They need less force and do not have to work with adhesive tape. This immediately results in more satisfied employees, so less turnover and lower absenteeism. This further enhances the quality of delivery. In addition to the packaging machines, our new warehouse is arranged in such a way that 80 percent of the picks can be realized without bending over or reaching out. We also ensure even more employee satisfaction with this. ”

The building is located at a high-profile location on the N57 motorway. “This is really the best location in Middelburg. A lot of people drive past our premises every day. That is why we have made sure that the UniPharma logo is now clearly visible from the N57 and the Middelburg ring road.” For the offices, a very open look was chosen, due to the use of glass walls and doors. In every office, a large photo on the wall makes it clear at a glance which department it is.

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