Making history since 1972

Our company was built on a revolutionary business model rooted in sustainability, innovation and service. We have been driven forward by a leadership team of packaging veterans, and by strong distributor relationships.
Today, we are an internationally renowned company, with more than 500 employees around the globe. Our operations now span across North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific – and we are always seeking opportunities to expand both our offerings and our geographical footprint.

From e3neo…

We are experts in providing dedicated solutions in the-end-of-line sector for logistic distribution centers. Many of our people offer 15 to 20 years of experience in the automating order fulfillment processes. As an independent company, we can find the right solution to every packing requirement.
Talk to the experts in dedicated solutions for end-of-line logistic distribution.

…to Ranpak Automation

On February 28th 2017, Ranpak acquired E3NEO in a move designed to expand its capabilities and offering for high-volume packaging environments. The fit between E3NEO and Ranpak was obvious for Ranpak’s CEO Steve Kovach: “We have carved out a market-leading position with our in-the-box packaging solutions over the past decades. Customers choose Ranpak for quality of protection, the efficiency our systems bring to the packaging operation, and the sustainability of our paper based solutions. Warehouse automation is increasingly important for achieving efficiency and productivity in packaging operations. With the acquisition of E3NEO we are expanding our options for customers who want to take packaging automation to the next level. The proven technology and expertise provided by E3NEO are crucial for meeting today’s and tomorrow’s needs in high volume fulfilment operations and will be an important part of our growth strategy.”