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EVO Cut’IT!®


Automatic void reduction

EVO Cut’it!® is an in-line automated packing machine that reduces voids in parcels before shipping. It automatically lowers a carton to the highest point of filling, and applies a glued lid onto the reduced box.

Products are placed into a carton that has a standardized footprint size. After the highest point of filling is detected in an individual box, the EVO Cut’it!® machine cuts the carton edges automatically to that point, then folds and glues the created flaps over the products ready for shipping. A lid is finally applied and glued to the parcel.

This innovative improvement to existing systems combines proven technologies. These include servomotors for every choreographed step, delivering precision and long service life, and operator-friendly touchscreen displays.

For whom ?

EVO Cut’it!® is the solution of choice for companies shipping random order profiles:

  • E-commerce businesses
  • Large logistic operations 
  • 3rd-party logisticians

EVO Cut’it!® is used by distribution centers worldwide, across a wide range of industries including consumer goods, beauty and healthcare, office supplies, graphic arts, electrical/electronics, and tools & hardware.

Key benefits of EVO Cut’it!®


Carton size is rapidly and accurately adjusted to the required height (at up to 900 boxes per hour), eliminating unnecessary voids above products.


The lid applied onto the reduced box strengthens the parcel and ensures both a secure stack on the pallet and ultimate protection of goods for the final customer.


Based both on standardized footprint and adjusted height, more parcels can fit on the same pallet, allowing an average saving of 25% on shipping costs compared to original boxes.


Each version of the EVO Cut’it!® machine is easily adjusted for changing carton dimensions, depending on customer needs – adapting easily without downtime for the packing line.


Fully automated EVO Cut’it !® addresses labor shortages affecting e-commerce, 3-PL and logistic businesses, especially during peak seasons. Our solution reduces the need for temporary workers and related costs such as training and productivity losses.


A compact machine footprint eases integration into existing installations, and minimizes required floor space.


EVO Cut’it!® is operated easily. A plug-and-play touch-screen displays ongoing operations and shows actions to perform when necessary. Large, fully secured windows and doors offer easy access for maintenance operations, reducing idle time.

EVO Cut’it!® versions

The EVO Cut’it! machine is available in 3 standard frames: S, M and L.
Within the limits (mini/maxi footprint) of its frame, a machine can easily be adapted to another footprint after a while.

Lid storage

Lid blanks are stored in a magazine which can be loaded without stopping production.
Placed at a very ergonomic height, motorized and horizontal, this magazine has a standard length of 1750 mm, which offers high autonomy.
Lids are extracted from the magazine with dedicated piloted suction cups.

Touch screen display

The operator interface is a color touch screen.
Parallel to the basic operations, this display allows visualizing the machine, the state of the various stations and, if needed, guides the operator solving a problem by indicating the necessary actions to do step by step.


  • Standard long ergonomic magazine (walk in) – can be filled in without stopping the machine
  • Blanks transfer to pickup frame via motorized belts
  • Picking with suction cups ensures precise positioning on the box
  • Automatic height reduction to box contents
    – up to 25mm with “S” frame
    – up to 55mm with “M” and “L” frame
  • Capacity: up to 15 cpm = 900/hour
  • Most movements servo-guided
  • 4 lid flaps glued with full glue lines
  • Interface: intuitive touchscreen panel
  • Easy, fast and inexpensive size adjustments
  • Power : 3×380 (400) VAC 60Hz
  • Consumption: 10kW
  • Compressed air requested pressure: 6 bars
  • Consumption: 80 nl/cycle

Let our customers have the final word!

Evidence comes from our customers…

Netherlands-based OMODA has been selling shoes through internet for over 10 years. The firm aims to offer a high-level shopping experience for a wide range of articles, while maintaining a strong environmental policy.

Click on the image to see EVO Cut’it!® in action…