15 years of experience in warehouse automation with a know-how of intra-logistics process integration allow us to answer an increasing demand from the market for specific packaging solutions.
Our expertise is based on researching and implementing end of line projects in the environment of order preparation logistics.
Our independence towards manufacturers allows us to research and recommend the most accurate answers to our end customers needs.

Added Value

We initiate the projects with a first audit phase:

  • Analysis of the current situation (analysis of carton dimensions vs real order volumes)
  • Integration of forecast evolutions in terms of flow, order typology
  • Optimization of carton type and size to use the most adapted ones (in combination with a minimal number of footprints)

Then we propose solutions:

  • Proposal for consumables to associate with the product type and closing process
  • Expertise on packaging solutions: manual, semi-automatic, full automatic
  • Supply of the most relevant technical solutions for wedging and product protection
  • Development of customized solutions and adaptation of standard systems to specific needs
  • Installation, commissioning and after sales service

Packaging Optimization

The thought about packaging is often reduced to considering its purchase cost: this is not sufficient to evaluate its real impact on the global chain.
The question must be: at which stage of the order preparation process does the packaging influence costs, and how can these be optimized through the whole distribution chain (from handling to waste elimination, via packaging and picking tasks).
Season peaks or pallet filling rate, to speak only of these two examples, also play a role, as the goal of reducing the delivery time or increasing the efficiency of the general process do.
We propose a packaging concept of ‘Design to Production’ kind, taking into account every factor of the value chain in the customer organisation.