A big part of manpower used in a distribution center is usually concentrated on packing tasks. Productivity gains in this area drastically reduce the costs of internal logistics.
Thinking axis for a possible packaging automation are:

Cost reduction

  • Manpower costs (less operators)
  • Consumable costs

Order preparation optimization

Manual packaging stations are possible bottlenecks caracterized by:

  • Long preparation times
  • Fixed cut off times forbidding late order registrations
  • Long production periods

Our automated solutions have been designed for detail order preparation activities. We develop the solution that fits the most with the customer needs, using standard equipment. We also have the capacity to develop innovative solutions for specific needs.
All our solutions aim at reducing the costs of goods, transport and manpower, in order to optimize the distribution center productivity.
Our projects easily take place into existing facilities or into new projects and include the interface with the management system software of our customers.
Our standard product range includes:

  • Carton erecting machines (for tray, RSC, HSC, …)
  • Special machines for pick then pack
  • Wedging equipment
  • Carton closing (case sealer, lid applicator with or withour height reduction, …)

Each of our machines can be inserted into the complete end of line solution with connexe equipment like conveyors, label applicators, printers, palettizing robots, and so on.